My name is Biba, and I started this blog as a place for me to capture ideas that offer us a glimpse of alternative ways of organising our society so that it benefits all us and our planet.  This blog is for people who are interested in ideas and actions that can help us create communities that support people and the environment to prosper.


I write about groups of people who are creating a world based on what is shared and beneficial for all/most people in a given community, or what is achieved by citizenship, collective action, and active participation. Like many people, I think we are at a point where we need to reinvent and resurrect our communities, organisations, and economies based on the ideals of democracy, participation and egalitarianism.


Most of us are realising that a society imagined this way will be more resilient, equal, sustainable, economically vibrant, healthier and happier. We also realise that we cannot continue as we are – those of us who live in the rich Global North know that our wealth was largely created based on the oppression and exploitation of the Global South. Who will the Global South exploit to advance their economies?


P1170204Many of us are grappling with the question of “How do we create the world so that all the people and the ecosystem thrive?” A world not based on an economic model that tells us waste, consumption, environmental destruction and inequality are necessary by-products of growth.


While many of us are frustrated and can only critique the current situation, other people are crafting this world right now. If you are interested in finding out alternative ways we can organise our society, take a look at some of the posts.  You might be interested in how we can all sustain hope when the problems seem enormous and like me sometimes struggle with fear, cynicism, despair and disappointment.  If you are working as a group and want to harness the collective wisdom and your self-organizing capacity, these methods might be useful.  Get in touch if you want to share your thoughts or find me on twitter @smallacts28